Blog Bay area can now experience the Starling

Bay area can now experience the Starling

by Will Byrd
Starling on display at the B8ta store

The Starling – a revolutionary wearable device that tracks verbal engagement among parents and young children – is now available at B8ta in Palo Alto. The Starling will be widely available later this summer, but Bay Area parents and caregivers now have an opportunity to have a hands-on experience with the product ahead of launch.

The Starling is a small star-shaped device that attaches to a baby’s onesie, a toddler’s t-shirt or a diaper bag. It is designed to deepen engagement with babies and kids during their most formative stages of development, the first four years of life when 80% of brain growth occurs. Through a proprietary algorithm, the Starling analyzes words as they’re spoken, instantly delivering its interpretation of parental-child engagement to your smartphone.

Research shows that the more parents talk to their babies, the sooner the children learn to talk back, the quicker their vocabularies grow, and the faster language (as well as broader cognitive and emotional skills) develop. Featuring fun in-app activities and coaching, early testers have found that the Starling provides gentle reminders and helpful support they need to engage more with their child throughout their daily routine.

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Mom playing with her baby boy at the table. Her son is wearing the Starling. Parents are raving that the Starling has helped them change their behavior to be better parents.

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