Starling Wear & Care

Where does the Starling attach?

We designed the Starling and accompanying attachments so that it can be worn by your child. For best results, we recommend attaching the Starling directly to your child’s clothing, on the front or back collar of his/her shirt or waistband. Ideally, the Starling should go on the outermost layer of your child’s clothing so that it’s not blocked by a jacket or sweater.

Should I be concerned about the Starling falling off of my child?

No! The Starling isn’t going anywhere in the provided clip attachment. We’ve made it as tight as possible so that it fits perfectly on your toddler’s clothing – especially clothing that’s a bit thicker, like a jacket or sweater.

Won’t I lose accuracy if the Starling is attached to my child’s back collar?

You might. As with all wearable technology, accuracy is affected by location of wear. However, if you’re consistent with the placement of your Starling, you’ll be able to see how your word count changes relative to your baseline.

My child doesn’t like wearing the Starling.

We get it, children are picky! We’ve found that most children fuss with their Starlings for about 20 minutes, and then forget about them and even become attached to them after a while. Try to get your little one excited about the Starling. Present it as you would a toy or stuffed animal. Call it a ‘special star’ or give it another name that your child would like. If your little one is particularly fussy, try clipping the Starling onto his/her back collar or waistband so that it’s not as obvious.

Should my child wear his/her Starling at night?

We recommend you remove the Starling from any clothing while your child is sleeping and reattach it after your child wakes up. Leave your charging dock in your child’s room, and charge the Starling while he/she is sleeping.

Can I add another child to my account?

Yes! The Starling app has a multi-child feature that allows you to track multiple children.

Can my spouse sign in on his phone and see our child’s data?

Yes, however right now your spouse should sign in with your account information on his phone instead of creating his own account. We’re working on linked accounts and hope to complete that feature sometime very soon!

Is the Starling water-resistant?

Your Starling is water-resistant and will withstand some splashes or drool. However, the Starling is not designed to be worn when swimming or bathing and we do not recommend immersing it in water.

How do I clean my Starling?

To clean your Starling, clip attachment, and charging dock, use only a damp cloth to gently wipe down. Do not use any type of cleaning product or solvent as this will wear away the plastic and could damage your Starling. Do not fully submerge your Starling in water or place it in the washing machine or dishwasher.

Anything else I need to know?

The Starling is designed to exceed the US Government’s choke threshold, so while safe, we do not recommend you let your child chew on the Starling.