Early-Education Experts Across the Country Are Using the Starling.

Libraries, schools, and non-profits are measuring their programs like never before.

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We’re passionate about helping parents realize that they are their child’s first and most important teacher. That’s why we created the Starling—an advanced early-education wearable that measures a child’s verbal environment.

We’re passionate about using technology to help parents realize that they are their baby’s first and most important teacher.

The Starling is Equipping Libraries to Educate their Patrons.

Special Early-Education Kits are available to lend to patrons. But that’s just one way the Starling is helping libraries.

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Schools are Using the Starling to Boost Student Learning.

Schools are getting measurement of what was previously thought un-measurable. And their using that data to improve performance.

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A Tool For All Caregivers

From hospitals to libraries, the Starling is the perfect tool to demonstrate the value you’re adding. See how the Starling can fit into your early-education program.

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See how the Starling Can Work for You.

We wrote the book on adding advanced technology to measure your programs and increase their performance. Contact us today and we’ll mail you this comprehensive guide full of creative ideas.

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