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The Best Speech Therapy Blogs

by Chris Boggiano
A speech therapist working with a child on her language development. A Speech Language Pathologist, created a list of speech therapy blogs that parents can use as language development resources for their kids.

This is a guest post from my sister, Katrina Boggiano, a Speech-Language Pathologist:

I’m a practicing Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) at the Jersey City Medical Center. So is my mother, only she’s with the Jersey City Board of Education. My father has served on the board of Jersey City’s Head Start program. My two brothers co-founded VersaMe to encourage parents to talk more with their babies and toddlers because of the amazing things verbal engagement does for a child’s growing brain. Needless to say, early childhood education, intervention and therapy is apparently in our blood.

With VersaMe, Jon and Chris talk to a lot of parents. In fact, many parents approach them because they are struggling with some aspect of their child’s speech, are afraid, and don’t know exactly what to do.

With that in mind, I thought it would be helpful to put together a resource guide for parents with some of the many wonderful speech language blogs that my peers have put together. If you read this and think I’ve missed a blog that you would recommend, please comment to let me know. I love learning about new resources!


The Speechies – This is our top recommendation. It’s run by our very own Erika Cardamone.

All4MyChild – Written by several respected SLPs, this site offers book and app reviews, a comprehensive shop, and a blog with great insights into working with children in the speech world. All of their services are embedded in the context of play–who doesn’t love that?

Amy Speech and Language Therapy – This site maintains an often humorous and helpful blog with speech therapy-related news, technology, and scientifically grounded tips.

Apps for Speech Therapy – A private practice SLP reviews hundreds of apps related to speech therapy, highlighting her favorites. She’s also written a book that helps kids learn to master tricky letters.

Consonantly Speaking – A fun, simple blog offering creative ideas for speech therapy, free worksheets, and app reviews. Also run by a licensed SLP.

Twin Speech Language and Literacy – This is a cute blog run by twin SLPs from Minnesota. They offer theme-based speech therapy materials as well as product reviews.

Speechie Freebies – This blog assimilates the best SLP resources from around the web and offers them for free, like useful print-outs for speech activities to do with kids.

Hanna B SLP – Bubbly and informative, this blog mixes ample amounts of humor into posts about activities, app reviews, freebies, speech information, and the intricacies of working as an SLP.

Kidmunicate – This blog is run though a pediatric speech pathology clinic in Pennsylvania. It offers interesting and informative speech news, opinions, and articles pertaining to developmental speech research.

Speech Room News – A particularly well put-together blog written by an Ohio based SLP that offers freebie printouts, discussion boards, and SLP related app reviews, as well as activity ideas.

Mommy Speech Therapy – Mommy Speech Therapy is managed by an SLP who’s also (surprise!) a mom. It gives free printout worksheets, links to blogs and speech related websites, and answers FAQs regarding speech therapy.

Let’s Talk Speech Therapy – This blog is mostly geared toward other SLPs. The blogger on this site talks about her life as a first-year SLP and gives freebie printouts.

Playing With Words 365 – Run by an SLP and mother of three, this comprehensive blog offers the full slate of resources for parents, SLPs, and, of course, freebie printout speech materials. It also, interestingly, has good information on juvenile arthritis.

Chapel Hill Snippets – An eclectic and often funny mix of resources and musings from an SLP and mom. This site offers app and general tech walkthroughs, dietary resources, geocaching posts, common core materials, and free English and Spanish speech printables.

Speech Sprouts Therapy – A sweet and comprehensive blog run by an SLP, this site offers speech based activities, app reviews, therapy model ideas, and free printouts.

Play on Words – This blog is maintained by a seasoned SLP and offers video product reviews and stories pertaining to speech and child development.

Geek SLP – This tech-geared blog focuses on iPad apps, speech related gadgets, and gives video and written how-to’s pertaining to speech technology.

Speech Chick – Speech Chick offers a thorough number of language, homework, and articulation resources available to print out. There’s also a free “Systematic Approach to Viewing and Treating Apraxia of Speech” that’s pretty exceptional.

Speech Lady Liz – This fun blog is run by a Chicago-based SLP and offers the full gamut of parent information, speech printouts and activity ideas, and app reviews.

Super Power Speech – A superhero-themed blog written by a licensed pediatric SLP who goes by the name “CC.” This site has helpful information regarding developmental speech disorders, freebie printouts, and fun tips and techniques for SLPs and parents alike. There’s also some fun personal musings about working as an SLP, family, and food.

Smart Speech Therapy – Run though a speech therapy clinic in New Jersey, this blog answers speech related questions, gives advice on speech therapy methods, and has giveaways and reviews for apps and printout products.

Peachie Speechie – A fun blog with a ton of visual pop, containing creative ideas for speech activities, SLP tools, and, of course, the freebie printouts associated with these things.

Heather’s Speech Therapy – This bright blog is maintained by a California-based SLP specializing in very young kids. The blog gives free worksheets, SLP-related tools, and has an online shop with informative posters.

Let’s Talk Speech and Language – An SLP working with Philly preschoolers offers a slew of creative activities, app reviews, and some really specific and helpful freebie printouts.

Your SLP Momma Says… – A retired SLP offers “motherly” advice, activities and freebies for other SLPs and speech-minded parents.

NW Speech Therapy – A Canada-based SLP gives away freebies, gives glimpses into her daily life, and offers speech and life advice.

Bright Ideas SLP – A range of fun craft activities and free speech printouts for kids are offered in this sleek blog maintained by a Texas SLP.

Figuratively Speeching – This bubbly blog run by an 18 year SLP veteran offers app reviews, freebies and fun activity ideas.

Speaking of Speech – A school-based SLP offers a mammoth number of resources including app reviews, swap meet sites, and speech products and activities.

Crazy Speech World – This sweet blog offers a great range of freebie printouts, SLP activity resources, and glimpses into the life of an SLP and mom.

Busy Bee Speech – The Louisiana-based blogger behind Busy Bee Speech offers products, app reviews, activities, and freebie printouts, as well as Spanish bilingual resources.

The Speech Guy – This tech centric blog is managed by a male SLP from Arizona. It focuses on app and tech reviews, but also offers advice on the ins-and-outs of the SLP world.

Activity Tailor – Written by a North Carolina-based SLP, this blog offers free giveaways and lets readers peer into the window of an SLP’s daily life. The greater website offers freebies, a shop, and a ton of fun project ideas as well as app reviews.

The Speech Bubble SLP – The Ohioan SLP behind this blog provides an organized mix of resources for teachers, SLPs, and parents alike, with tips, activities, book suggestions, a store, and printout freebies.

Home Sweet Speech Room – A cute little site containing app reviews, happenings in the life of an SLP, and buyable and free printouts and activity packets, all displayed in a no-nonsense, accessible format.

Pathologically Speaking – A male and female SLP duo manage this blog, which contains all the goodies: app reviews, freebies, and activities, in addition to a wealth of useful scientific information on speech.

Olivia SLP – Run by a young Canadian SLP with a sense of humor, this light and fun blog offers videos about the life of an SLP fresh out of college, as well as gifs and links to useful SLP resources and blogs.

Cindy L Meester’s Blog – An incredibly thorough blog that provides a range of SLP and teacher resources, including printout freebies, activity ideas, teacher video resources, online games, and technology-based therapy resources.

Eric Sailers – This streamlined site, authored by a male SLP based in southern California, offers a number of original apps and tech-related products geared toward improving speech. The site also has a cool personal blog worth checking out.

Jill Kuzma’s SLP Social & Emotional Skill Sharing Site – This artsy blog, managed by a school-based SLP, offers a great range of speech therapy ideas and resources, with free handouts, Pinterest and YouTube links, and information regarding seminars run by the blogger.

PediaStaff – PediaStaff is a well-known resource providing jobs in pediatric therapy. It also maintains a popular blog with job openings and news relevant to various pediatric therapies.

The Speech Ladies – This blog, run by a mother daughter SLP duo, offers an extensive range of activity ideas, printouts, and insights from two generations of women in speech.

Speech Techie – Looking for an SLP blog written by a male SLP?  Speech Techie provides an awesome list of apps, links, and alternate SLP blogs, as well as other technology resources for tech focused SLPs and parents alike.

Speech Time Fun – Speech Time Fun is a bright SLP run blog with a solid array of app reviews, activity ideas, printout resources, SLP tips, and a diary.

Sublime Speech – Authored by a Chicago-based SLP, this artsy and well maintained blog provides a range of SLP resources from printouts and favorite apps to SLP tips and recommended sites.

Cerebral Palsy Guidance – Is a comprehensive informational website on cerebral palsy. Authored by Alex Diaz-Granados who has lived with cerebral palsy since infancy, the blog offers reliable and comprehensive information to parents of a child with CP.

Cerebral Palsy Group– The Cerebral Palsy Group is dedicated to providing information, material and resources that is available to both families as well as those who have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Have another blog you’d like to recommend?  Please post something in the comments below!

About the Author

Chris Boggiano

Chris Boggiano is one of the founders of VersaMe. Chris has served in the Army and worked in high-tech manufacturing at Tessera. He holds degrees from West Point and Stanford. Chris is luckily married to his childhood sweetheart, Pam, and together they have two beautiful daughters who were some of the first Starling users.

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