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Welcome to Starling V2

by Research Team

Are you an existing Starling user? Read on to learn why we are releasing a new app, and what it means for you!

So, What’s New?

We’re glad you asked! We’ve been hard at work here at the VersaMe headquarters, completely overhauling the foundation of the app. This process has opened up some incredible opportunities for future features, but for now, these are the changes you will see in the new app:

Your Starling will now hold 7+ days of word count data. This is especially good news for our growing customer base of nurses and therapists that visit homes once per week, or for libraries that want to loan out a Starling for a week.

Your Starling will now be able to sync data across multiple devices and platforms. This means you can share Starling data between two parents, or a speech therapist and a client.

Your Starling now has a scrolling feed which will allow us to display content based on who is using the Starling. If you are a parent, you will receive activity prompts. If you are a teacher, we can send tips specific to you. If you are a speech therapist using the Starling with clients, we can include your custom messages to your clients.

Your Starling hardware can do more. In addition to counting words, we want and will be able to help you and your child with other important development activities. We won’t ruin that surprise, but we are excited to bring you new data and insights!

What to expect while updating your Starling?

The updating process should take about 10 minutes. First, you will need to update your smartphone app, and then update your Starling firmware. If you have any questions or trouble, feel free to call or send us a message!

Before you update, we ask that you sync your Starling. Once you upgrade, any data currently on your Starling will be lost.

How will you update the Starling? It’s easy to get both your Starling app and Starling wearable updated. Just follow these 4 steps:

  1. Sync your Starling data.
  2. Update your Starling app. You’ll need to re-sign in so have your password handy. If you don’t — it happens to all of us — you can easily reset it in the app.
  3. Next, place your Starling wearable in its charging dock and be sure it’s charging.
  4. Then open your freshly updated Starling app. When your phone connects to your Starling wearable, the app will walk you through updating the firmware. You’ll want to keep your updated Starling App open until the firmware update is complete.

And that’s it! We are so excited to share this new Starling experience with you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or feedback!

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